IV International Conference «The role of permafrost ecosystems in a changing climate»

IV International Conference

«The role of permafrost ecosystems

in a changing climate»

 5-8 of August, 2014, Yakutsk, Russia


Dear colleagues,

 During the past 23 years, an multilateral international scientific cooperation has been developing on the extensive permafrost area in the North-East of Russia. Within a framework of 30 international and intergovernmental research and educational projects (14 countries), an unique scientific system SakhaFluxNet has been created for interdisciplinary research to address fundamental questions that reveal the full picture of the state of the environment, the nature of the interaction of all its parts (atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, cryolithosphere), their impact on biodiversity, the forecast and mitigation of the potential impacts of global trends and changes in the environment using the latest scientific innovative equipment. Monitoring network SakhaFluxNet is a part of several international scientific networks such as GlobalCarbon, EuroFlux, AsiaFlux, ScanNet, INTERACT and PAGE21. Integrated system SakhaFluxNet covers all largest bioclimatic zones of North-Eastern Russia — tundra, forest-tundra and forest, and includes infrastructure of four fully equipped research stations — «Spasskaya Pad» (Central Yakutia), «Elgeeii» (South-Eastern Yakutia), «Chokurdakh» and «Kodac» in the North-Eastern Yakutia. This extensive network of monitoring stations of the world-class level in the North-East of Russia is the only one with this volume of studied biogeochemical and climatic parameters of the ecosystem and has no analogues.

In 2014, we also celebrate 10 years of the start of intensive experimental studies on the tundra research station «Chokurdakh» in the Northeast of Russia under the supervision of Professor Albertus Johannes Dolman. During that time, the station has transformed into a scientific center that conducts unique research, combining efforts of many countries in the study of Arctic ecosystems.

From 5th to 7th of August 2014, IV International conference will be conducted on the basis of scientific stations of IPBC SB RAS. Conference topics include the problems of biogeochemistry, climate and biodiversity in relation to climate change. The first three international conferences on the subject were held in 2000, 2002 and 2008 in Yakutsk, Russia.

The main topics of the conference:

  • Permafrost ecosystems and climate change
  • Global changes and biodiversity
  • Migration, transformation and conservation of substances

During the conference, on August 6, Dr. Maximov will be having his 60th birthday and to commemorate this event we are planning to have a Round Table about activity and future of our Projects on climate change. The Round Table will be held on August 7, after Section 3.

Conference working languages – English and Russian (simultaneous translation might be provided).

Schedule of the Conference:

August 5, 2014

Venue – Lecture Hall, National Academy of Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

  • Opening Ceremony;
  • Section 1 – “Permafrost ecosystems and climate change”

Chaired by: Degermendzhi А.G., Dolman J.А., Zheleznyak М.N.

  • Banquet (The ethnic entertainment complex “Chochur-Muran”)

August 6, 2014

Venue – Conference Hall, Institute for Biological Problems of Cryolithozone SB RAS

  • Section 2 – “Global changes and biodiversity”

Chaired by: Solomonov N.G., Germogenov N.I., Heijmans M.M.P.D.

  • Poster session.

August 7, 2014

Venue – Conference Hall, Institute for Biological Problems of Cryolithozone SB RAS

  • Section 3 – “Migration, transformation and conservation of substances”

Chaired by: Kuznetsov V.V., Sugimoto А., Maximov Т.Ch.

  • Round Table “Future Activity of Climate Change Projects”
  • Closing ceremony

August 8, 2014

  • Excursion (in the morning – “Permafrost Kingdom” Ever-Ice Museum, in the afternoon – “Spasskaya pad” scientific station).


Program committee:

DEGERMENDZHI Andrei – Academician of RAS, Institute of Biophysics SB RAS, Russia
KUZNETSOV Vladimir — Corresponding member of RAS, Institute of Plant Physiology RAS, Russia
LEBEDEV Mikhail — Corresponding member of RAS, Yakutian Scientific Center SB RAS, Russia
SOLOMONOV Nikita – Corresponding member of RAS, IBPC SB RAS, Russia
MIKHAILOVA Evgenia — Professor, Dr.Sci., North-Eastern Federal University, Russia
IVANOV Boris – Professor, Dr.Sci., IBPC SB RAS, Russia
DESYATKIN Roman – Dr.Sci., IBPC SB RAS, Russia
ZHELEZNYAK Michail – Dr.Sci., Permafrost Institute SB RAS
MAXIMOV Trofim – Dr.Sci., IBPC SB RAS, Russia
DOLMAN Albertus Johannes –Professor, Dr., Free University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
OHTA Takeshi – Professor, Dr., Nagoya University, Japan
SUGIMOTO Atsuko – Professor, Dr., Hokkaido University, Japan
SCHAEPMAN Gabriela – Dr., Zurich University, Switzerland
HEIJMANS Monique M.P.D. – Dr.Ir., Wageningen University, the Netherlands
MOORS Eddy – PhD., Wageningen University, the Netherlands

Organizing Committee:

REMIGAYLO Pavel — PhD, IBPC SB RAS – chairman
NIKOLAEV Anatoly – Dr.Sci., INS NEFU
ISAEV Alexander — Dr.Sci., IBPC SB RAS
FEDOROV Alexander —  PhD, Permafrost Institute SB RAS, NEFU


Participation in the conference could be in the form of oral presentations (20 minutes, including questions and discussion) or poster presentations.

Participants should send the personal information (see Appendix) to the email address:

Please register before June 30, 2014.

Abstracts and articles:

Conference proceedings will be published. For publication you need to prepare an expanded thesis (maximum 4 pages) should be sent to IBPC SD RAS till September 30, 2014 by e-mail:

Format of extended abstracts:

The text of a report (written in fluent English), up to 4 pages including figures and tables, page size A4, Times New Roman font, interline interval of 1.5 and page borders of 2.5 cm on each side, with the page number on each page. The paper must consists of Title, Author name(s), Organization(s), Key words (less than five), Body of paper, and References. The manuscript should be a “camera-ready” style in a PDF file.

Title: 12pt, Bold, All caps, Centering;
Author name(s): 10pt, Centering (the organization(s) should be marked with superscript number(s) after author’s surname);
Organization(s): 10pt, Justify left (the number(s), corresponding to author(s) name(s), should be placed before the names of organization(s));
Key words: 10pt, Italic, Centering;
Body part: two columns, 11pt; Chapters: 11pt, Bold;
References: 10pt, Italic.
Figures and Tables: All figures and tables must be inserted in the text. Please use black-and-white or greyscale figures, if possible. Captions of Figures: under the figure, 10pt, centered. Captions of Tables: above the table, 10pt, centered.



Conference:    RUB 1500 = USD 40 = EUR 30 (including coffee, tea, banquet);
Excursion:       RUB 2000 = USD 60 = EUR 45 (including transportation cost, admission fees and simple lunch).

Arrangement fees will be accepted during the registration of participants in Yakutsk.
Students are free of charge.

Transportation and accommodation:

Transportation to hotels and IBPC from Yakutsk International Airport will be provided.
Hotel prices start from 1,300 rubles for a single room.
If possible please book a suitable hotel through internet booking services yourself.
If you need a help with accommodation please inform us and we will book the room for you.


Maximov Trofim
e-mail: t.c.maximov@ibpc.ysn.ru
Тел: +7 (411) 233 58 97 (office)
Cell phone: +7 914 235 5354

Kononov Alexander
e-mail: planteco@mail.ru
Cell phone: +7 914 2 711 998

Download the Program of the Conference (PDF, 657 Kb)

Download English version of Second Circular with Application form (PDF, 587 Kb)